Our Technology
Experience the Limitless Free-Roaming Camera Perspective

Imagination would not be

necessary with Real-Time Rendering, every inch of the model is at your disposal. No longer restricted to one particular point of view, this provides the fullest extent of aspects within the structure.

Preview Actual
Residential Atmosphere  

With assistive technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we could make the impossible possible. These offer interactive experience of a real-world environment (AR) which combining with a complete immersion experience of imagined environments (VR). You would have a clear image of what the finished product would be like.

Illustrated the Unique Aspects of Lifestyle 

Selective features of the design display as an art piece, one by one. Aside from the beautiful image that reflected an unparalleled lifestyle, you would be able to share these sights to your love one as well.

Exclusive Report
Within A Private
Online Channel

A Personal Web-Portal allow you

to monitor a real-time information

of the summary regarding any adjustments of design and construction, as well as the update situation of any issues with solutions. 

Controllable Aerial
Footage with Drone View

Flying high with Drone to capture

the Aerial photography of the

exterior design. Additionally, the

Bird Eye View image would collect

the surrounding environment detail for further possible adjustments of the design structure, in order to generate the best result.

Why do we use technologies to support our service design?

Imagination would not be necessary with Real-Time Rendering, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

Home improvement and adjustment would be unchallenged and uncomplicated

Following up report from end to end and preserving information for the future usage

Your Home is an Extension of
Your Personality
Allow Us to Express
Who You Are
How would you describe
your dream house ?
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